Anne Samat

Embracing the cultural heritage of her native Malaysia, Anne Samat employs the traditional skill of craft and weaving to create an intriguing discourse on the role and identity of women in society.  Utilising the traditional ‘Songket’ shuttle weaving technique, Samat creates anthropomorphic free-standing and wall-based works that appear as mythological deities or mystical figures.  She intricately weaves coloured threads in the traditional Malaysian style but combines these with mechanical or industrial elements, such as wire, bolts, metal rings and even bicycle parts.  Samat’s approach is to bring weaving into a contemporary context and surpass its association as a simple domestic activity.  She deliberately employs this technique and juxtaposes it with these modern-day ‘ready-made’ objects to explore notions of domesticity, the hand-made versus the industrial and to empower women’s identity within the domestic environment.  


Samat’s works transcend the boundaries of art, craft and textiles, creating works that are embued with a sense of mysticism and are a monumental statement on female empowerment.


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