Caroline Jane Harris

British artist Caroline Jane Harris, born in London in 1987, explores the intricacies of nature through a labour intensive paper-cutting technique. She is fascinated by the phenomena of nature; the endless geometric symmetries found in all levels of existence. Using tree formations as her starting point Harris creates digital prints which are then manipulated, layered and hand-cut. The hand allows for natural distortions which induce the random, chaotic and asymmetrical - the antithesis of the digital conception. Harris╩╝s imagery becomes infinite and abstract - like bronchi of a lung, river networks, neuron activity, fractals existing over many scales of magnification. Caroline explores the dichotomy in science and art, traditional processes and contemporary practices.


Influenced by Eastern Printmaking and Paper-cutting techniques, the simplification of lines to convey the essence of nature in Japanese wood-block prints informs her lineated hand-cut paper compositions. Harris pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved from paper, one of the simplest art materials.


Having graduated from Camberwell College of Art in London and a Fine Art Printmaking degree at University of Brighton in 2009, Harris has already participated in several group shows in the UK and was a finalist for the 2013 Aesthetica Art Prize. She is the winner of the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Stan Smith Award, winner of the Roger de Grey Drawing Prize at City & Guilds of London and winner of the Norman Ackroyd Prie for Etching at City & Guilds of London where Harris has just completed her MA in Fine Art.

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