A Stitch in Time, Collaboration with artist Amita Makan and fashion designer Vanessa Gounden

in support of Reach for Recovery, Breast Cancer Support Group 

Vanessa Gounden Collection
Vanessa Gounden
Amita Makan - Waiting I

Described by Vanessa Gounden as ‘wearable art’, A Stitch in Time is a unique collaboration with artist Amita Makan, resulting in an exhibition of specially commissioned artworks and Vanessa Gounden’s new collection featuring Makan’s imagery.  Makan’s work consists of fabric and embroidery, delicate materials that the artist states is “reminiscent of skin - sensual, porous, and vulnerable to time.  The art-making process combined with the repetitive act of cutting threads, fabrics and obsessive stitching have strong associations to breast cancer”.  The dialogue between the artworks and fashion collection provide a visual journey, chronicling the various stages from breast cancer diagnosis to mastectomy.  Makan’s artwork gives a visual reference for Gounden’s interpretation of the trauma and human experience of the condition, through innovative contemporary textile inventions.  This collaboration seeks to raise awareness and encourage the power to initiate proactive and constructive social change - which Vanessa Gounden classifies as ‘Artivism’.


Vanessa Gounden takes a unique approach to fashion design, often collaborating with artists to create bespoke collections that feature original, vibrant prints of unprecedented detail that communicate a particular idea or narrative.  The result is beautifully crafted, highly skilled garments that transcend fashion – they become striking works of art in themselves.