Hyojin Park - Home House, 2015

Young Korean artist Hyojin Park plays with the traditional genre of still-life in her recent photographic series ‘Spiritual Garden’.  Each flower display is carefully produced in her studio as a sculpture and her approach combines photography with this sculptural process.  The flowers come alive with cascades of brightly coloured splashes of paint that appear to drip and infuse to evoke the dynamic spirit of abstract expressionism.  Park’s practice has previously explored notions of women’s physical and social obligations, and the practice of flower-arranging has connotations of traditional domesticity.  In this series Park appears to subvert this calm and meditative art with vibrant paint splashes, reclaiming these traditional genres with self-expression and a playful and anarchic approach.  ‘Spiritual Garden’ is a rumination on the cyclical nature of life and death and urges the viewer to stop and look and be seduced by the celebration of life, against the infinite dark background. 


In 2014 Park was shortlisted for the 100 contemporary artists to watch by Aesthetica Magazine and has shown extensively in Asia and in London.


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