Kristjana Williams

Icelandic artist Kristjana Williams produces intricately carved landscapes and city scapes that thrive with life and vegetation.  Heavily inspired by maps, particularly the Victorian engravings of early cartography the artist samples these maps in her highly-skilled compositions which are entirely made from hand-cut paper.  She juxtaposes the maps with a myriad of exotic animals, jungle foliage and wildlife to create beautiful, vibrant and intricate works.  Each element is painstakingly hand-cut and collaged by the artist and alludes to notions of globalisation and the potential threat to nature and the global environment.  Rich with colour and detail, Williams’ practice incorporates strong graphic lines and the illustrative style of Victorian engravings. Amongst this dense landscape roam butterflies, birds and insects that jostle for space within the frame. Williams’ colourful aesthetic bring these creatures to life, creating a dynamic scene that flourishes with energy and a celebration of the natural world.

Williams has exhibited internationally including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in China and currently lives and works in London.


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