Paper Cuts - Gordon Ramsay's Maze & The Narrow  London

October 2015 - July 2016

Mehta Bell Projects are pleased to present a unique collection of paper works by artists Crystal Wagner, Caroline Jane Harris and Claire Brewster. Each artist utilises paper in their work and employs paper-cutting techniques that are laborious and time-consuming, with incredibly intricate and detailed results.  Each artist takes nature as their inspiration, using the bio-product of nature itself, but their diverse approaches reveal unique interpretations of our environment.


US-based artist Crystal Wagner transforms paper into sculptural works that combine a radiant colour palette with textures and forms that evoke foliage, flowers and vines.  This familiar material mutates into a mythological, Triffid-like form that writhes and distorts within the frame, attempting to break free of its boundaries.


London-based artist Caroline Jane Harris is fascinated by the phenomena of nature; the endless geometric symmetries found in all levels of existence.  Using tree formations as her starting point Harris creates digital prints which are then manipulated, layered and hand-cut.  The process is obsessive and meditative, creating imagery that becomes infinite and abstract.


Claire Brewster sources vintage maps and hand-cuts intricate designs of birds, flora and fauna which are presented floating within frames that create an intricate network of shadows that imbue the works with a sense of movement and life.  The artist states; “Nature is ever present, even in the mot urban environments, taking over wherever we neglect, living in a separate yet parallel universe.  I take my inspiration from the natural environment, creating entomological installations from imagined locations.  My birds, insects and flowers transcend borders and pass freely between countries with scan regard for rules of immigration or the effects of biodiversity”.

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