Peihang Huang

Peihang’s paintings focus on perception and distance, explored through the gestural luminosity of oil painting.  Starting from a topic or a physical object, like a human body, she researches the relationship between that object and its dual image, deconstructing its reality as she perceives it and rebuilding it, blended with other elements borrowed from her environment.  Often beginning with a media event or broadcast, the artist paints otherworldly landscapes in swathes of rich oil paint, incorporating objects and mysterious figures in her evocative vistas, hinting at an underlying tension or narrative.  Huang investigates the ambiguity and manipulation of images in the media and questions whether an over-saturation of images has fuelled a growing apathy or insensitivity.  The hidden elements in her paintings seem familiar because they are constantly present in the media yet remain elusive and detached from our daily lives.   By combining elements of our world and the world of imagination, Huang’s paintings are seductive in their imagery and execution, but linger in the mind’s eye with mystery and suspense. They hint at an uneasy mixture of concern, indifference and frustration towards reality, which contrasts with the eerily scenic world that she weaves them into.


Young painter Peihang Huang has already accumulated multiple awards in her native Taiwan and her work has been exhibited in many countries including Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Germany and at many international art fairs.  She holds a MFA degree in Fine Art awarded at National Taiwan Normal University (2010) and is currently completing another MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts (2015).


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