Shane McAdams

Brooklyn-based painter Shane McAdams uses ball-point pen ink, oil and resin to create his evocative and otherworldly landscapes. McAdams grew up with the desert southwest as a backdrop and was visually taken by its sculpted topography; how the layered strata of the rock formations came to be exposed by erosion from wind and water, and how the incremental and chaotic effects of time and climate could conspire to create something more orderly than something man-made. McAdams sees these landscapes and their geology as “reflecting the duelling relationships between the natural and the man-made, the temporal and spatial and the objective and the subjective”. By using mundane materials such as ball-point pen ink and Elmerʼs glue, McAdams pushes the limits of these materials to create utopian and idealised images. In the Synthetic Landscape series McAdamsʼ skilled painting and draughtsmanship is evident.

McAdamʼs pours the ink onto the canvas and blows to create these streaks of colour that act as a vortex for the surreal, imagined landscapes loosely based on the scenery of his childhood. These ʻportalsʼ create an intriguing tension between the natural and the synthetic, the real and the imagined. The artist states “Iʼve remained amazed that the incremental and chaotic effects of time and climate could conspire to create something more structured and unique than I could with my own hands.”


McAdams collaborated with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson to create prints for Williamsonʼs 2013 Summer Collection. Matthew Williamson comments: “Shane McAdamsʼ multi- toned colour saturation and the luminous qualities of his work caught my eye immediately, but thereʼs also the element of the fantastical in his pieces that I love. The hyper-real landscapes are so alluring, yet divorced from reality. I often play with the juxtaposition of the organic and the synthetic in my own work so this resonated with me”.



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