Ye Hongxing

In this age of uncertainty, society’s systems and codes are being challenged and reconstructed, whether politically, socially, fiscally or religiously.  We are consumed by technology and the digital age, and we inhabit a chaotic world of globalisation, mechanical and industrial advancements and are contributing to the withering impact on nature and our environment.  It is this notion of discord and cacophony that is captured in the epic works by Beijing-based artist Ye Hongxing.  Her medium of choice – jewel-like children’s stickers and toys – are meticulously and obsessively adhered to the canvas, building up vast landscapes and patterns that capture this energy and frenetic pace of life that communities across the world have become accustomed to and endure.  These dense collections of stickers mirror the pixels of our digital age, fragmented and fastidiously composed in a carefully conceived design.  Each individual sticker becomes part of a greater whole, a fantastical representation of the world as we know it, and a reflection of one’s individual place in society.  However, the picture is fractured, pixelated, and creates an intense visual experience for the viewer, as the eye is drawn around the canvas with the multitude of scenes that Hongxing presents.  These innocent, childhood accoutrements are manipulated by the artist to become her artistic palette, and are transformed into intricate depictions of landscapes and abstract currency designs, reflecting the complex world we occupy.

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