About Us.

When founders Jag Mehta and Melissa Digby-Bell met in their early art career, there was an instant connection, a spark so to speak.  Both partners shared a vision to transcend the conventions of the established art world, operating both within the tenets of the contemporary art network, yet daring to venture beyond the orthodox boundaries.  Melissa and Jag position themselves as art world connectors.  These connections manifest themselves as:

With a combined knowledge of over twenty years of specialist industry experience ranging from blue-chip institutions to emerging global art scenes, Mehta Bell Projects offer a fresh perspective on the contemporary art world.  They take a uniquely creative and holistic approach to curation, collection building, art sales, consultancy, artist and project management.  Mehta Bell Projects provide a professional, comprehensive, and accessible service within the complex and highly nuanced contemporary art scene.  Consistently discovering and nurturing exciting artistic talent, Mehta Bell Projects attract forward-thinking clients and creatives to further invigorate contemporary art platforms.

  •    Connecting artists with receptive audiences

  •    Connecting art collectors with relevant artworks

  •    Connecting creatives through bespoke collaborations

Our Services

  • Art Advisory

  • Artist Management

  • Art Sales

  • Consultancy

  • Curation

  • Exhibition & Project Management